Hanami is the most beautiful time of cherry blossoms

The Japanese tradition Hanami (Japanese 花見, „contemplating blossoms“) to celebrate the beauty of the cherry trees in bloom attracts not only the Japanese to the parks every spring. Also for tourists the cherry blossoms glowing in delicate pink are a reason to visit Japan. In Yamaguchi Prefecture – the westernmost region of Honshu Island – there are numerous spots where the season can be experienced off the beaten track.

Kintai Bridge
One of the best hotspots during the hanami season is Kintai Bridge, which is then decorated with numerous cherry trees.

Yamaguchi is located in the southwestern part of Japan’s main island of Honshu and is known for its rural beauty and historical sites. There are many spectacular sites in the prefecture. Natural wonders in Yamaguchi include a number of quiet, idyllic beaches as well as Akiyoshido, one of Japan’s largest limestone caves. There are also countless towns and villages with well-preserved shrines and castles. Among them is the town of Shimonoseki, known for its fish market.

Rurikuji Pagoda
In Kozan Park there are 170 cherry trees, for example at Rurikuji Pagoda, which is surrounded by countless flowering trees. Thanks to a special light show, you can also walk here at night.

Cherry blossoms also in Hamburg and Washington DC

Many of the cherry blossoms blooming in delicate pink can also be seen in Germany. Since 1968, Hamburg’s Japanese community has thanked the Hanseatic city for its hospitality with the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, which always attracts thousands of visitors to the lake „Alster“.
For this year, the date has not yet been set. However, it will be announced soon on this page.

Besides, you can admire cherry blossoms in Washington DC during the National Cherry Blossom Festival in March and April. This spring celebration, that commemorates the gift of Japanese cherry trees from the Mayor of Japan in 1912 to the city of Washington DC is a wonderful symbol of friendship between nations. During this period, the whole city comes to life in pink. There is no better way than now to experience the beauty of these cherry blossoms than up close and personal while being chauffeured in a limo coach pedicab around the Tidal Basin and the National Mall. This are the focal points of the National Cherry Blossom Festival. I was there in 1991 – long time ago.