Jellyfish to bite into

The Jellyfish restaurant is known for its first-class fish cuisine. This is now on offer in a pop-up store in the middle of the „Europa Passage“ shopping center. „Fish rolls are the burger of the north“, says center manager Jörg Harengerd. He is proud to welcome such ambitious, young restaurateurs to the Europa Passage in Stefan Fäth and his restaurant crew.

Falk Hocquél, owner of Schmidt & Schmidtchen, center manager Jörg Harengerd and Michelin-starred chef Stefan Fäth are opening the Jellyfish pop-up store: until October 9, there will be a variety of fish sandwiches at the Europa Passage every day between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., featuring salmon, maties, Bismarck herring, baked fish and shrimp. In addition, fish’n’chips, fries with truffle mayo, and a smoked salmon tartare with jalapeno, yuzu, and lettuce will be offered. Photo: Silke Liebig-Braunholz

Since September 2019 Stefan Fäth is Owner and Chef at Jellyfish. At the beginning of the year, he cooked up a star in the Michelin Guide. The testers praise especially Fäth’s consistent approach: selected products are prepared thoughtfully and modern-creative, great the craft.

From A like gutting to Z like onion ring

Fäth focuses on sustainability, environmentally friendly caught fish and products from regional producers. Now he shows his convictions in his pop-up store. The fish rolls are completely homemade from A for gutting to Z for onion rings: „We fillet the fish ourselves and use whole fish,“ says the star chef.

He obtains his raw products, among others, from the fishery „Die Müritzfischer“, the largest domestic fishery in Germany, where traditional fishing, fish farming and aquaculture as well as modern processing are part of the production profile. The crispy rolls bakes the with the Label of Bioland certified bakery and confectionery Schmidt & Schmidtchen of entrepreneur Falk Hocquél who, as a trained actor with a passionate managerial gene, has already got a number of projects rolling in the Hanseatic city.

Hocquél and Fäth expect the partnership to result primarily in growth .

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